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Baby Girl’s Satin Ruffled Bloomers


CrimsonDark Olive GreenDark Slate GrayFirebrickIndian RedIndigoOrange RedSaddle BrownSilverTanThistle
TamañoLongitud del pantalón CinturaTamaño
6 meses2038M
9 meses2038M
12 meses2038M
18 meses2242L
24 meses2242L
Recién nacido1834S



We’re excited to announce our newest product arrival! If you’ve been searching for the Baby Girl’s Ruffled Bloomers with an appealing price and great value for money – look no further! Because you are certainly going to like this. ADD TO CART this tempting offer right now!

  • Top quality Baby Girl’s Bloomers can be yours for a buyer-friendly price
  • In addition, you get an exceptional customer service designed to meet all your demands
  • Lastly, we offer prompt and safe shipping to any location you desire

Wondering what makes the Baby Girl’s Ruffled Bloomers so special? Then keep reading!


Item Type: Baby’s Bloomers
Material: Polyester, Satin
Waist Type: Mid
Baby Age: 0-24 Months

Baby Age
Length, cm
Waistline, cm
17 x 2
19 x 2
21 x 2

In other words, this is one of our best selling products thanks to amazing quality and a handsome price. So, choose the Color and Size you need, and we’ll take care of everything else.


Is your Baby Girl’s Bloomers of good quality? Can I be sure it won’t fall apart in my hands, hurt me or something?
It’s our duty to meet the highest industry standards while manufacturing the Baby Girl’s Ruffled Bloomers. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure of its convenience and safety in use.

Can I be sure that your goods meet all the manufacturing standards?
We want to treat our customers with the offers of the highest quality, and the same goes for our Baby Girl’s Ruffled Bloomers. Therefore, we pay close attention to our manufacturers’ record.

Are you sure this product is affordable?
US $9.95 isn’t as high as other online stores charge for similar products. However, it’s up to you to decide.

Do you charge extra fees for delivery or anything else?
You can see the final price when confirming the order. After that, you pay no extra money.

Сan I write a review on my purchase?
We’re always happy to see our clients spreading the word about our store on the Internet, so feel free to write a review too!

I can’t make up my mind. Maybe it’s not a good idea to buy it?
Since it is a very tempting offer, we guarantee this purchase will satisfy you!


I want to order several units of the Baby Girl’s Ruffled Bloomers. So should I worry about their simultaneous arriving?
All your packages should arrive simultaneously, so there’s no need to visit your post office several times.

Can I ask you to send the package to a place different from my residence address?
Glad to inform you that it’s of no importance to us where and to whom to send the package. Therefore, you can freely indicate an address different from your place of living.

How to order?
Decide on the number of product units you want to buy and their variations. Next, {{Add to cart}} the chosen options and complete the order following the instructions on the screen. Upon receiving your order details, we’ll start making your package.

Can a specific payment method make the delivery faster?
Choose the payment method you like more because it will not influence the order delivery time.

Do you have a right to sell this kind of products?
We have all the required licenses. In addition, this store is fully authorized to work with the licensed manufacturers who supply us with these and other products.

Aren’t the identical things available offline?
Usually, offline stores have a more limited product range and less favorable prices. Therefore, they might seem to be a less appealing alternative for you.


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